Boys Varsity Soccer · Boys Soccer Program Shows Up To Play & Never Give Up! Great Win Despite The Adversity

5 Skyline High School
3 Evergreen High School
Away   Home
Away Home
Skyline High School vs Evergreen High School
5 3
1 1   2
2 4   1

CONGRATULATIONS to the Falcons Boys Soccer for a Win Well Earned! What a performance presented by the Falcon Boys Soccer while playing away at Evergreen! The game could had gone in any direction at any given minute! After a very intense first half and what seemed to be not such a good night for the Falcons the team’s efforts were taken to a higher level with a tremendous amount of energy, intensity, passion, and a goal in mind, which was to simply play with heart putting together an amazing performance all over the field to overcome adversity! The Falcons were put to the test forcing their levels of determination and perseverance to be shown with a good amount of sense of urgency to overcome a loosing first half! The Falcons came home with a huge win all because of their efforts and the desire to be A TEAM!
Gabe Sosa scored three of the five goals assisted by Alex Meza and Riley Primeau with one of the goals being unassisted when he executed a penalty kick when Alex Meza was fouled inside or the penalty area.
Alex Meza also showed up to stamp his name on the two other goals while assisted by JT Higgins and Gabriel Sosa.
Riley Primeau was the star goalie who also showed just as much courage and character, like the rest of his team, working just as hard sacrificing his physical numerous times keeping his team in the game as a solid foundation making 11 saves and inspiring the performance which lead to a well earned and celebrated win!
Great performance overall overcoming all kinds of adversity and the disadvantage to be playing away from home against a team who was not willing to give up either until the end making the game even more exciting!
So proud of the Skyline Falcons and their character!!!