Falcons News · ****Skyline Football Spectator Information VARSITY ONLY****

With our first home varsity game approaching and COVID restrictions we wanted to share ticket information and requirements for our HOME varsity games.  We are only allowed 175 total spectators at our home games; this includes visiting team spectators as well.  Please read the information below carefully to make sure you are aware of the new procedures.  Lower level information will be posted separately.

  • Tickets will ONLY be PRE SOLD online by invitation. A code will be emailed to the athlete for you to access. (This will be determined by the athlete’s that are suited up and playing for that particular game).   ****THIS LINK WILL CLOSE 10/8/20 AT 8:00PM****
  • The # tickets you’re able to purchase will be listed on your invitation link that will be sent out Thursday morning. (If you purchase more tickets than you have been allotted, only the first tickets will be activated).  **IF YOU ARE NOT GOING TO USE ALL YOUR TICKETS ALLOTTED FOR A GAME, PLEASE NOTIFY THE ATHLETIC OFFICE ASAP SO WE CAN ALLOCATE THOSE TICKETS TO SOMEONE ELSE.
  • This link will be closed on Thursday evening before the day of the game and will NOT BE REOPENED if you miss the opening.
  •  There are no tickets being sold at the gate.  You MUST have an online ticket to enter the game.  (NO CHSAA, CHSCA, LEAGUE PASSES ALLOWED and/or NO GATE LIST) NO TICKET NO ENTRYGate will NOT open until 5:30pm.
  •  All spectators will enter through the south gate at the Everly Montgomery Stadium. There will be NO RE-ENTRY (IF YOU LEAVE THE STADIUM YOU WILL NOT BE ALLOWED BACK IN).
  •  YOU MUST WEAR A MASK THE ENTIRE TIME YOU ARE IN THE STADIUM (YES, EVEN THOUGH YOU ARE OUTSIDE) AND MAINTAIN SOCIAL DISTANCING.  *** You could be asked to leave if these are not being followed and you will not be refunded.


  • There will be no concessions available at this time.
  •  We’ll be live streaming the game at the following link. (Note you will not see the live stream until the game starts)  Skyline Falcons Live Stream
If you have any questions please contact Leslie Brown or Michael Green in the athlete office at 720-494-3741 or by email.